About Zippy Wheels

I am promoting a series of fun bike races for young people.  They are for children from 2-13 or so and take place on safe, age-graded off road courses.   The provide families a nice morning outside where children can challenge themselves and have fun on a bike.


New this year, we have a couple of road events on short circuits closed to traffic.  Any bike is fine for these.


We’ll have prizes and such.  Five bucks for kids over 8, younger is free.


Raffle for a nice Felt youth mountain bike.


I am especially interested in finding a formula that gets children out on bicycles for some fun and healthy exercise.  I am going to try a format of off-road races using safe and accessible courses that can be scaled up for older riders.  We have a nice series planned this year, so come out and bring your kids for a fun morning in some interesting parks in the southtowns.  Bring some food for the BBQ and some shoes to go for a hike around the woods with your children.

All fall from early September to late November I’m hosting weekly cyclocross practice at the Buffalo Ski Club area.  Visit BikeReg.com for details. This event has really grown popular and I’m interested in getting the kids out this year.  Come out and learn how to ride your bike better, get your body in better shape and enjoy all the fall weather.  We roll rain or shine.